Team in Winter 1932

3 Tractors

A bit of history:

Charles T.& Marion L. Sears came to Nanton in April of 1910 from Topeka Kansas. They purchased their first land west of Nanton SE-31-16-29 W4 which is still in the family.  They grew wheat and oats the first year or two then ran some hereford cattle. Charles & Marion had 5 boys and 1 girl. The 2 oldest, Warren and Wilbur went to California by 1921, Gertrude followed soon after. Snow, Harold, and John remained in Nanton.

Harold married Mabel Church of Balzac in 1927.   John remained a bachelor.  Harold and Mabel had one son, Harold Lockhart (Hal) February 21, 1928.  Mabel died in 1949 due to heart problems as a result of having rheumatic fever as a child. Harold & John raised cattle – starting with around 100 head of Angus and building up to 500 head. They fattened some of the first yearlings in the 1950s – around 100 head, they fed grain with buckets.

Hal married Joan Meikle February 21, 1953 and moved to the ranch on Timber Ridge.   They had 4 boys, Larry, Rick, Mike & Jeff.

Cows were at the home place (Mesabi) November to May or June then trailed to Timber Ridge for the summer.  They weaned at the Stone Camp and trucked back to the home place, weather and roads permitting. They ran about 225 head of cows and expanded east to Beaver Creek in 1961, Parks Place in 1963 and started calving cows there.

Copy of Combining 1927-28Cows on ridge 1943