These are some of the business relationships that we maintain in order to run our operation smoothly.

Landmark Feeds– Animal nutrition and feeding solutions. They are our supplier of vitamins and minerals that we add to our animal feed.

Cargill– This is the beef processing facility to which we market most of our cattle. They are federally regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and adhere to the highest integrity and investment into food safely and quality, animal health and safety, corporate social responsibility and employee safety.

Feedlot Health Management Services– North America’s premier veterinary consulting service. They work with us to help maintain overall herd health and animal well-being.

ITS- Integrated Traceability Solutions is a software company that supplies industry solutions related to animal identification, production and traceability. We use their software to track feeding information as well as commodity and animal inventories.

Jolee Electronics- A local company that provides comprehensive technology solutions that keep Mesabi Ranches running smoothly.