Aerial of Farm 1949

Aerial of farm in 1949

Currently we can feed approximately 5500 head of beef cattle. We grow most of our feed right here on the farm.

We care about the environment and the land we work on therefore we use management practices that protect the health of the animal and the environment in order to produce sustainable products.  We take part in the environmental stewardship program, you can read about it by following this link:

We also participate in the Verified Beef Production (VBP) which is Canada’s verified on-farm food safety program. It is a program to uphold consumer confidence in the products and good practices of beef producers.

Another goal at Mesabi Ranches is safe and calm cattle handling to minimize the stress on the animals. Handlers have a unique appreciation for cattle and are trained with proper handling practices in order to understand the behaviour and instincts of the animals, in turn, reducing stress.


Mesabi Ranches currently farms over 20,000 acres West of Torquay, Saskatchewan and North West of Nanton, Alberta.

Some of the crops we seed are durum, canola, peas, lentils, sunflowers, barley and corn.

Starting in 2016, we are implementing a new farm management practice that focuses on soil health. Our hope is to reduce the use of all chemical inputs on our crop production while increasing our profit per acre.


We own and operate a gravel pit near Nanton, Ab. We have a variety of products available.

Please contact us for more information.


Tykro Forage Solutions is a forage production and supply company that is a division of Mesabi Ranches Inc. For more information follow the following link: